The font you select for your self-published book is more than simply a vehicle for representing the words you’ve written; it conveys a feeling, one that embodies the tone and intention of your ideas. A book that utilizes Times Roman, for example, will feel more serious and scholarly than one that uses Bembo, a font that is lighter and more thoughtful. Likewise, using a sans serif font (one that does not have the small features called “serifs” at the end of strokes, such as the one you are reading now on this web page) can make it feel more contemporary and business-like, whereas a serif font conveys a sense of tradition and conversation.

Readability is paramount when selecting the right font for your book. Factors in a typeface’s readability include the size of the type, the length of a line of text, the leading (space between lines of text), and the texture and color of the paper on which the type is printed.

Randall Friesen Self-Publishing finds the font that most appropriately conveys your intention as an author. We take into consideration the paper stock you will be using and the dimension of your pages. We offer a wide selection of typefaces for every mood you wish your book to convey. When we design your book, we evaluate your content and then give you at least two samples of your book pages using the fonts we believe will best serve your words. You can print out the samples and decide which font most appropriately embodies your intention and reflects your voice.

With so many considerations when choosing a great font for your book, you can rely on the expertise of Randall Friesen Self-Publishing to work with you on selecting the perfect font for your book.

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