Even if you are not an author, you can still “write” a book! Particularly if you are a public speaker or a minister. For example, every week, a minister writes and delivers a potential book chapter when preparing his or her weekly sermon. If you speak publicly on a particular issue, every lecture you give can be a chapter of your book.

Randall Friesen Self-Publishing (RFSP) recently designed and produced a book by a minister who has never written a word, but who wanted to create a publication for his congregation. This minister had transcripts of all his sermons for the past few years. He collected 20 of these transcripts and compiled a document, each sermon making up a chapter. RFSP edited the transcripts into a manuscript, and now the minister has a powerfully structured and beautifully produced book.

As a public speaker, your lectures and talks are perfectly suited to become chapters of a book on the topic for which you are speak. Letters of correspondence and blog entries can also be compiled and edited to make manuscripts for a book that you can author. If you have letters of your ancestors, these can become the basis for a book on your family history or a document on a particular era in history. The possibilities are endless!

You have a book in you. And Randall Friesen Self-Publishing would love to help you bring it to reality!

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