SO, you’ve written a book, and your manuscript is all typed out on a computer Word document. It says what you want to say, and you feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Now, to get it published so you can shoot your ideas into eager minds.

RANDALL BOOK DESIGN+PRODUCTION takes your words from manuscript to final print-ready book files, which you will own. From that point, you choose how you’d like to print your book.

IF you want 1,000 copies or more, we can recommend print houses for you. We can procure quotes from the printer and will interface with them throughout the print process to be sure the job runs smoothly.

OR, if you want to use a “print on demand” printer, you will have the print-ready files that you can use at the print-on-demand house of your choice. This is great if you are not sure how many books you will need. Print-on-demand can run as few as 10 copies at a time, and more when you need them. Your cost per book is higher with print-on-demand, but some authors enjoy the convenience of this type of printer.


If your manuscript requires editorial assistance, Randall Book Design+Production offers basic copy-editing and proofreading services.


After sending your manuscript to Randall Book Design+Productionin a Word document, we will read it over and call you to discuss it. We’ll talk about the impression you’d like to convey with your book. We’ll also talk with you about the physical aspects of your book—size, page count, typography and design elements.

From that discussion Randall Book Design+Production designs two inside-page spreads and two cover designs for you to choose from.


Once you’ve selected the page and cover design for your book, Randall Book Design+Production formats your text into the page layout and builds the print-ready cover files.

We then send you galleys for proofreading. At this step, we highly recommend that you hire an outside proofreader to read your book and make any corrections.


After you have “signed off” on the galleys, Randall Book Design+Production builds print-ready files that any printer can use to print your book. As the self-publisher, you will contract with the printer, but Randall Book Design+Production can assist you with print recommendations and procuring print quotes. If you go with a web-press printer (1,000 copies of your book or more), Randall Book Design+Production will shepherd your book through that process.


Randall Book Design+Production can give you all the information you will need to acquire the necessary business details for your publication. We’ll tell you how to easily obtain a copyright, an ISBN number (from which Randall Book Design+Production will create your book’s barcode) and a Library of Congress number.

THAT’S it! Now you are a published author with a book that you will be proud of!



Start publishing today!